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"Math Musical Minds gets kids having fun first and then deconstructs the math behind it.  Math Musical Minds taps into the inherent ways that math and music are related, and work together, without it ever feeling forced or obvious. 


For parents who want their children to get a head start on the perceived difficulties of math learning, I’d recommend the Math Musical Minds videos and products (and I already have recommended them to a few families I know)."  Click here and here for the full articles.


Matthew Lynch, Ed.D., Author of The Call to Teach and editor of The Edvocate

"This is a wonderfully positive and creative video production that includes animation, original songs and great music to help desensitize children prior to their initial exposure to potentially frightening medical procedures and equipment.


From my own professional experience as a pediatrician, I am sure this DVD will prove to be very psychologically effective in lessening children's fears and reducing their stress as a way of reassuring them and easing their anxiety.  As such, I highly recommend this DVD as beneficial to both child and parent alike."


Frank D'Andrea, M.D. , F.A.A.P.

Seattle, Washington

"I watched the video and found the music and dance numbers very catchy."


Steven Strogatz, Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University, New York Times and Radiolab Contributor, and Author of 'The Joy of X' 

"A Harvard- and Oxford-educated math scholar, Dr. Oreskovich first saw the therapeutic value of music while leading groups of student volunteers to sing at hospitals...she realized the same technique could help abate the scariness of math."

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Steve Schiff, Editor, Fatherly.com



Creativity by Making Learning Musical and Fun!


Math Musical Minds is the first and only math product line created by a Harvard and Oxford mathematician and musician.  Our founder, Dr. Anne-Marie Oreskovich, has developed new music, characters, and animation to provide a magical, colorful introduction to math for children.




About the Founder


Dr. Anne-Marie Oreskovich is the founder of Math Musical Minds.  She is a Harvard Phi Beta Kappa Mathematics graduate, a Marshall Scholar, a USA TODAY All-American Academic First Team member, and an Oxford PhD Clarendon Scholar.  She is the author of math and statistics journal articles, and has two risk measures named after her and her Oxford supervisor.  She is also a singer and composer, and has founded volunteer organizations to sing at schools, and to share music with the medically and physically challenged in hospitals nationwide.

Doctor's Office & Hospital


Join Polly, Chris, and a cabaret-singing thermometer, needle, and friends on a magical, colorful journey to the hospital or to the doctor's office.  HOSPITAL ROCK! and DOCTOR'S OFFICE ROCK! can be used either to entertain and soothe tired toddlers, or to teach children that the doctor's office and hospital can be fun, magical, musical places!  Original music, combined with colorful cartoon characters, engage the senses and inspire calm, creativity, and curiosity.  Children will want to watch again and again!  Watch the videos with your toddlers, or play just the music in the car or at night to put them to sleep.  Available on our Shop page.

Math Musical Minds

Polly, Chris, and the gang are back, and this time, they have their group of toddler friends with them!  A cast of colorful cartoon characters, magical animation, and original music unite to create a playscape of numbers.  Children are invited to sing, clap, snap, and dance along with engaging music and rhythm, so they can interact with music while they are enjoying the new math concepts.  The words to the original songs are displayed on the bottom of the screen, lit up in sing-along format, exposing children to new words that they can sing to, while they are playing with math!  Available on our Shop page.


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